Friday, March 19, 2010

The Crazies, Glasgow Style

Monday morning I went to the airport to meet Kayla!! I was soo excited when she FINALLY came out (15 minutes after the rest of the people on her plane). We took the bus back to Buchanan Bus Station and it was raining, of course. Kayla said she thinks the bad weather is following her, especially since it is beautiful in Johnstown now. (whaaaaat?!) When we got back to my room we tok a long nap. She was so whooped from all the traveling. Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Scotland....yikes. No thank you. It felt good to sleep though because I was tired too.
We woke up around 5 and decided to go eat somewhere. We walked down Sauchiehall and went to the Sports Cafe. We both got burgers and fries (I got a chicken burger & she got a vegetable burger.) They were both awesome. After, we headed up to Cineworld for the 9:00pm showing of "The Crazies." It was pretty good and creepy. I think they put it together really good. It freaked me out. We both had nightmares that night. Awesome.
Tuesday I had a few classes then we went to Campus for pizza and for Kayla to get her "Eyedeal card." (Now she can get in free to the clubs I can, which is soo nice that we have free places to go and just hang out if we want to.) Then we stopped at Primark for a shopping spree. That store is dangerous and awesome! We both got a green dress for Saint Patrick's Day. :)
Around 8:00pm, w walked over with Krista to WalkAbout to meet friends, drink & talk. There was a football game on so EVERYONE was pretty occupied. When it ended my friends were all eager to meet Kayla. She met allllot of people that night! Me, Kayla & Krista decided to go to Strathcylde Union then. It is a Bar/Club with different floors of fun inside (ie. dancing, karaoke, hangout...) They have one pound drinks there too, which is awesome. We hung out on the dancing floor and met some new friends. (Marcus, Spitter Monkey, Cute Asian, Roy Stephens, The Poker, The Crazies Man, Sharpie know, the usual) We got drinks bought for all of us all night by drunks, which was awesome we didn't have to waste money. "The Poker" kept poking my stomach (really?). After the 15th time of rolling my eyes and saying "Stop!!", I yelled at him "I HAVE A TEMPER!!!!" and when he kept doing it, things got violent. Hah. No, I just shoved him, whatever. They were nice, but stop touching me. Seriously.We had fun there and Krista met a cute boy that she really likes. He's cute and they danced all night. We left back to Caley around 2:00am. I was soo tired.
On St. Paddy's Day I had some more classes. I got out at noon and hurried back to Caley to make us some food and get ready to celebrate. Me, Kayla, Krista & Hannah headed to Union around 2:30pm (if you got there before 3, it was free entry!). There was more people there then I expected which was cool. We bought some drinks and just hung out. They were playing a lot of Irish music, but not enough. The only good thing about it really was the cheap drinks and we got our faces drawn on with Irish colored crayons by some random kid. (I got Irish Whiskers & Kayla got an Irish flag). We left at about 5:00pm and we were all pretty hammered. It was funny it was still light outside walking back. So weird. We changed into our dresses and headed to Campus to eat and then dance later with all of our friends (they were coming around 10). We all got free pizza & ordered to pitchers of a fruity cherry drink. It was good. They even gave us free green hats! We waited forever for our friends to come, and I was so happy when they finally did. The International kids definitely took over and made it into the St. Patrick's celebration it's meant to be. Me and Hannah did an Irish jig on a low table (don't worry, there's a video on facebook...), I started a doe-see-doe that quickly spread to the whole bar & got out of hand (I even got stuck under some one's armpit during it, yay.), we ALL danced on stage, we watched real Irish dancers perform, & at the end of the night they had an Irish jig competition with four local boys on stage. They were all CLEARLY on a different planet at that point in the night. They made them take their shirts off and made them dance one by one. At one point, one of the boys had his back to the crowd with his bare naked ass out and was just shaking it like it was no problem at all. Hahaha, so gross. The whole thing was really ridiculous and funny. We stayed at Campus til 2:00am, then went home with some of my friends. Kayla talked about Germany with Claudius on the way home. Everyone really likes her! :) Duh.
Thursday Kayla got to sleep in really late and I was so jealous. I had to get up early for a presentation. How convenient. It went pretty good and my group got a good grade on it. I was so glad to get it over with already. It was so nasty outside (raining, windy and colllllld!) When I got back to Caley, we ate some Lunch and just hung out. At 5:00pm, we went with Krista to Tesco to get some groceries. It was pretty successful. We came home and me and Kayla ate way too many fish sticks. It makes me sick thinking about it. Then we got ready and the three of us headed to "Kushion" (a never went there before but I heard good things about it). It was miserable on the way there with the rain. Kushion was beautiful inside! It had red lights shining on all the walls, seats hanging from the ceiling, pretty benches everywhere and candles on all the end tables. We got some drinks and sat around for a little resting our feet. After our Tequila shot, haha, we headed to the dance floor. The Dj was really good and was mixing cool songs together. We had a lot of fun and met friends there, too. At the end of the night we were dancing with these 3 Irish boys and they were a lot of fun. They even played my two favorite songs (Sexy Chick & Sex On Fire)!!!! I went nuts over them, of course. We made it home at 3:00am and I passed right out. We woke up this morning to the smell of curry and the sound of whistling. Adi was making a feast in the kitchen & whistling and singined. I was starving and NOT in the mood. It was a terrible mix of senses and headaches. Adi really pushes my buttons. That's for sure.
Today we are planning on going to find Terri Love's (Ryans Moms) grandparents church they were married in. It's not too far from here and Kayla said Terri talks about visiting here all the time. It will mean a lot to her to have a picture. It will be a nice walk there.
I miss youns and can't wait to see you. Wish you were all here.
Happy 21st birthday to Jordan today! <3

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