Monday, April 5, 2010

So..Nessy isn't real?

Oh my, it's been forever since I've blogged. Geez. I still have to update you on the rest of Kayla's week! Heheh. On Friday, we decided to go to the Celtic game on Saturday. So instead of going to find Terri Love's church Friday, we were going to look for it after the game since is was only a few minutes from the stadium. Friday we went out with some of my friends to the Monkey Bar. Chris' two friends from home were in and one of them (who looked exactly like my dad) bought all of us a shot of tequila. Yikes. After we hung out there for a while, we headed over to Karbon to do some dancing. Some of our other friends were already there too. We danced like crazy and laughed a lot. It was so much fun. We made it home really late and were not excited to get up early the next morning for the football game. Just kidding, we were really excited to go...just tired and danced out.
Saturday me, Kayla, Kateri and Brittany took a bus to Celtic Park to watch the Celtic Football team play!! (To us, it's soccer of course.) Before we went in, I bought a hotdog and it turned out to be enormous and tasted like nothing. All I could taste was the weird texture. Gross. Kayla got some chips (fries) and we ended up having to finish everything, including our big coca-cola's, before we could go in. It was pretty interesting. There were so many people there decked out in Celtic gear (Green, white and neon yellow). We finally got in and made our way up to our seats. Wayyyy up. We were definitely in the nose bleed section, haha. The sun was actually out that day, but where we were sitting no sun could find us. So we froze the whole game. But we had fun and learned to yell "Keannoooo!" when Robbie Keane, number 7, did ANYTHING! They love him, that's for sure. Celtic won 3-0 against St. Johnstone. It was really exciting and quite the thing to experience over here. I'm so glad we went and EXTRA glad it got to be when Kayla was here! Oh yea, I even bought a scarf! Heheh.
After the game we went on a search for the church that Terri Love's grandparents were married in (Kayla's boyfriends Mom. If you can follow that.) We walked everywhere in circles, but Kayla wouldn't give up. I could tell this was really important to her. Finally, she found it. It was really beautiful. A mass was just ending which was cool. She took a ton of pictures and we both bought some things from the little shop inside. I got some Rosary Beads. They are really pretty. After she was satisfied we headed back on the bus to the City Centre. Me, Kayla and Kateri decided to stop at Pizza Hut and eat dinner. It was soo good. We were all exhausted from all of the cheering at the game and walking. It was nice to go home and pass out.
On Sunday me and Kayla planned on taking a train to Inverness. We skyped with mum and dad for a while and ended up having to RUN to the train station. We missed the train. Thanks mum & dad. We decided to catch the late train, so we to Primark and ate at Campus to pass the time. We caught the bus around 6pm. It was a long ride. We slept a little, talked and listened to our iPods. We finally got to Inverness around 9:30pm. It was so dark and we still had to find a place to sleep. The town was BEAUTIFUL. The loch ness bridge was all lit up and the castle looked magical with the lights shining on it. River Ness was so peaceful running right through the town. We stopped at a bunch of places to see if they had any rooms available and for how much. After a lot of searching (don't ask me why no one had any rooms open?! so weird.) we found a Bed & Breakfast for pretty cheap called "Strathness Guest House." It was awesome. You could see River Ness right out the window and we had a TV with cable. We ate our leftover pizza from Campus earlier and watched some TV. We planned on going out, but we fell asleep instead.
Monday we woke up early around 8am and went downstairs for breakfast. It was delicious. It's been a while since I've had a good breakfast... or a warm breakfast. We went upstairs and got ready to go explore the town. It was raining outside but it didn't matter. We found almost all of the historic buildings and churches on the pamphlet we got from Strathness. The places were awesome and so old. We decided to go on a Loch Ness tour called "Jacobite." We still had some time to spare before we had to catch the Jacobite bus, so we walked around town, found an old bookstore (used to be an Old Gaelic Church) and ate some lunch.The tour was really good. The bus driver explained soo much to us about the history of Inverness and Loch Ness. I wish I could have kept up with all that he was saying! We got out at Loch Ness, had a quick bathroom break, then headed to the Jacobite boat. The boat was pretty big and really nice. We stood on top of it for a while and took pictures and look at all of the scenery. But it got really cold really quick. So we went down below the boat and sat inside. It was so nice down there, and warm!
The boat took us to eh Urquhart Castle right on the Loch Ness river. We pulled up to it and got out. We had an hour to explore the ruins of the castle. It was awesome! We took a ton of pictures and climbed on everything. We even dropped pennies into a well in the dungeon! Very cool.
Then we went up to the tourist shop and watched a video about the Castle and why it was famous. It was pretty interesting. We got back on the bus and headed to a little building about Nessy and her existence. They took us through about 7 rooms and played little videos in each one. It basically was telling us that it's impossible for Nessy to exist. Even if she doesn't, why wouldn't they just make stuff up? So weird. We were pooped after the 3 hour tour. We still had to waste about 4 hours in Inverness, because our train wasn't til 8. We ate a little pub called "Hootanany." They had Tai food inside. It was alright, we thought it was pretty sketchy though. The guy that served us looked like he didn't even work there, and then he went outside to get our food? Who knows. We were hungry though. After we ate, we went to a bar, drank and watched "Scrubs" on the TV the had at the bar. Haha. We were pretty much the only ones in there, so we just watched it with the bartender and his friend. It was really funny. I mean the show, and the fact that we watched Scrubs for 2 hours in a random bar. Kayla thanked them for letting us watch TV forever and we left to catch the train. On the ride home we got in a fight over a game of cards, then went to sleep. Typical.
On Tuesday I had my Lab test that I was nervous about. I ended up doing really good. Kayla was still asleep when I got back to the room...I was jealous. This place just makes people go into a coma, I swear. We decided to go eat somewhere decent for dinner. Karen told us about a Spanish place nearby and that sounded good. We got dressed up and went to find it. It was so cute inside. We ordered a pretty big "healthy" meal and got a pitcher of Sangria! I normally don't like Sangria, but there's was really good. It was fun and nice to look pretty and go somewhere. After, we headed up to Walkabout to see everyone else. We sat and talked with them a while then headed home pretty late.
Wednesday, Kayla's last day, I had a few classes. We ate pizza for the last time at Campus and made a quick stop at Primark for some gifts for people at home. We decided to have a kitchen party with some of the girls for Kayla's last night. We got ready and Krista, Brittany, Beth and Hannah came over. Since the kitchen smelled disgusting with whatever my flatmates were cooking that night, we hung out in the hallway instead. We played cards and drank and laughed. Kayla got us all Bachelorette masks for the occasion. They were too funny. After we played for a while, and me & Kayla finished off the Scotch, me her & Krista headed to the Arches to dance. (& we wore our masks!) The music was pretty much all Techno but we had a great time. Some of the other internationals were there too. We got back to Caley around 3 and Kayla had to catch the bus to the airport at 4:30. So we just stayed up and waited. I can't imagine how tired she was. I felt bad she had to deal with all of that traveling and no sleep. Having her here was the best time. I miss her all the time.

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