Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beautiful (& Cold) Ibiza

Beth, Krista, Karen & I woke up at 4am Tuesday morning to make our way to the airport. I was soo tired because I just got back from PA Monday morning, but I was excited to land in some sunshine. We made it to the airport, checked in and went through security. Beth and I boarded right away, so we said our goodbye's to Krista and Karen and got on the plane. (They were flying to Dublin, Ireland for a few days.)
The plane was nicer than I expected. (We fly through Ryanair here because it so cheap. So I was But it wasn't. Thank God.) We were both so uncomfortable the entire time on the plane. I couldn't fall asleep and it was terrible. After three hours, we finally made it to Ibiza! The water looked so beautiful through the window of the plane, and we could see palm trees!
They left us off outside and we took a quick bus to the airport entrance. It was FREEZING outside and the sun was no where to be found! We couldn't believe it. I was so bummed. I had to exchange my pounds for euros, and after trying to speak Spanish with the lady at the service desk, she told me I couldn't do it at the airport. Totally weird and inconvenient. We found the bus going to "Figueretas" and got on. It was about a 10 minute ride to the town where our hotel was. The driver let us off in the middle of the road, in the middle of town. We figured we first find a bank to exchange my money. So we walked allllll over the town and asked a couple people where to go (in Spanish of course). We were really getting frustrated. We made it to a huge bank, stood in line for 15 minutes, then were told he couldn't do it and sent us somewhere else. We tried 4 other places when someone finally told us that our hotel would do it for us. (Gee, thanks for letting me know NOW).
We got some food and headed toward the hotel. The lady at the front desk told me she could exchange it, but it'd be better to go to Santander because it will be cheaper. (Go figure...somewhere else.) We just went up to our room. It was nice inside and we were glad to see a TV again. Since it was cold out and we were exhausted we slept for most of the day. We woke up late and talked for a long time then fell back asleep again. Haha.
Wednesday, we got up and there was still no sun. We decided to go searching for the Santander to get my money exchanged. It took us a lifetime to find it and of course they said the couldn't. They sent us to a place that finally would and I was so relieved. After that mess was over, we explored the town and took pictures. We ate at a place called Vodepizza. It was so delicious and tasted like pizza from home.
When we went back to our room later, a cat walked in after us and just looked around our room. It was in the bathroom, looking out the window, in the dresser...everywhere exploring. It was so cute and skinny. Beth fed it some of her dessert thing she had and it kept using it's paws to eat, like a human. So weird. We layed down and it jumped right on top of me and layed its head down to take a nap too. I kicked it off because I didn't want it's nasty bugs that it probably had, and it slept on some weird pillows that were piled up against the wall. After a while, when Beth was crawled onto her bed and slept on her. It was so funny.
On Wednesday night, at 4am, I got a phone call saying "We're on our way to Erie, Tab's water broke!" I couldn't believe it. I was so excited and couldn't fall back asleep for the life of me. I knew Greyson was going to come while I was in Spain with no means of communicating except my expensive cellphone. I was waiting all night and all morning for updates. I kept texting with Kayla about what was going on.
Beth and I went to lay on the beach, but we froze to death. On our way back to the hotel, we stopped at "Eroski", a cheap grocery store, and we got some things to eat for breakfast. While I was in the store I got a picture message of Greyson just born! We were so excited and I'm sure everyone hated us in that tiny place making a big deal. He is so cute. Kayla sent me more pictures throughout the day and I loved it. I could not WAIT to get back to Glasgow so I would have my laptop to talk to everyone and skype. I was pretty much just waiting for Saturday to come so we would be on our way back to the UK.
Mostly the entire week we just relaxed and did what we wanted. I read the book "The Last Song" and I'm excited to see the movie when it comes out here. (It's already in theaters at home, but movies come out late here.) I was proud of myself for reading an entire book. :)
On Friday the sun FINALLY came out and it was really hot. There was barely a cloud in the sky, so we got our suits on and made our way too the poolside. It was so nice to just lay and soak up the sun. I was loving it.Saturday we left early to come back to Glasgow. The flight was long and uncomfortable again, and we just knew it was going to be cold and rainy when we got back. To our surprise, the sun was shining and my jacket made me feel too hot. (That has never happened before. I am always wishing I had more clothes on...)
We were so excited and were hoping it was actually starting to warm up in Glasgow. It stayed really warm and sunny for a few days, but cooled off a little bit today. I am just glad I have some color now!

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