Monday, April 5, 2010

You've Always Been & You'll Alway Be

On Sunday night, after I got back from a night of dancing, I got a message from my sister that she had to tell me about my gram. I talked to her right away and she said my Megan's Gram fell down the stairs and isn't doing too good. She needed immediate surgery because she had bleeding on the brain and it may have been stroke related. I was so upset to be so far away and not know what was going on. The next day my gram was doing worse and the doctors said the breathing tube was really the only thing keeping her alive. So my mom and my uncles made the decision to let her go to heaven instead of keeping her here. My mom called me and held the phone up to grams ear for me to say something to her. I was so glad I got the chance to. She lived 3 hours after they pulled the breathing tube. The doctors said she had a strong heart. She passed away later that night around dinner time.
I finally fell asleep around 2:30am after a long two days of crying. I got woken up to a Skype call from Kayla at 4:00am. She asked me if I wanted to come home. It was such a surprise and I was so confused. She said she thinks I should be home right now and she would pay for me to get there. I could hear how upset my mom was in the background so I said "why not." I threw some things in my carry-on, jumped in the shower and headed to catch the bus to the airport at 6:30am. My flight left at 9 and I got into Pittsburgh at 2:30pm. Kayla even picked me up at the airport. It was so nice to be back in the States, and so different. I couldn't believe Kayla did all of that just for me. I got to stay until Easter Sunday. It was a great break and so great to be with the family during such a hard time.
The viewing and funeral were both beautiful and we had the family at our house after church to celebrate my grams life. It was a great time and the sun was shining like crazy. I miss my gram every second and wish I could have been there beforehand to see her once more. I know she was happy I was there though. I know she lives in me, I can feel her there. She will be missed, she already is.

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