Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm So French...

We landed in Paris around 10am. It was freeeezing there too. Go figure. We rode the bus for an hour into the city. It was so jam-packed with people. Me and Kateri got stuck in the WAY back where there is 5 seats in one row (awkward). Me and the old guy beside me kept drifting off and falling into each other. Haha, it was quite the ride.
We got off the bus in Paris and it was so beautiful. We found the Metro and headed to our hostel in Marie de Clichy. The hostel was...decent. I'm pretty sure it was used as a mental hospital at one point..but whatever. We threw our stuff down and mapped out what we were going to do for the day. There was a free walking tour at 1, so we decided to grab something quick to eat and make it for that. We got some lunch at Subway and made it just in time for the tour (Thank goodness). The tour was AWESOME! Our guide was really cool and told us so much cool stuff you would never even know about. We got to see everything from afar, but it was still awesome to know where it all was so we could go back and really check it out. The Louvre was pretty awesome. Apparently the guy who designed it meant for it to be an invisible triangle. But since that much 'invisible' glass couldn't be supported, they had to make a frame for it. Cool huh?We also got to see the Eiffel Tower from pretty far away, but it was really cool getting to see it for the first time! (I know, this picture is ridiculous right? Why is it so perfect!?)After the 2 and half hour tour, we took a walk to find the Eiffel Tower up close. It was a pretty far walk, but such nice scenery. We saw the Liberty Flame that is an informal dedication to Princess Diana. I didn't know, but the accident happened in the tunnel right below the flame. There is messages in marker to Diana all over the bridge. It's really beautiful.When we made it to the Eiffel Tower, FINALLY, we got harrasses by a million guys with Eiffel Tower souvenirs. It was an absolute nut house. Kateri even resorted to saying "No hablo Espanol.." ??? We were so frustrated but it was really funny. When we walked under and to the other side of the Tower we saw more guys with key chains, gypsies annnd someone dressed up like a gorilla ?! It was totally weird. Kateri and Hannah were trying to find where to go next on the map and Beth was down on her knees trying to get the perfect picture of me with Greyson. next thing I know a gyspie is asking Beth for help and Beth's telling me there's a gorilla behind me. I turned around and just saw scary teeth. Haha, she snapped the picture just at the right time and we were cracking up. It was such a freak show. We pretty much ran out of there.
We headed back to the hostel and stopped to eat at small Italian pizza place nearby. We were so hungry and sore from all of the walking. It was nice to sit and eat.When we got back to the hostel we had barely any time to rest before the Pub Crawl. We were supposed to meet at 9pm and it was already 7:30. (We had to take the Metro to meet the group) We hurried and made it there just in time. We even got to see the Moulin Rouge!! So awesome. The bars were pretty nice and we got free shots with most of the drinks we ordered because we were with the group. The first bar was so weird, they made us take a picture behind the bar? I almost started serving drinks...I'm pretty sure they would have let us. Haha.The third bar we went to was the best. The lady bartender really liked us and even gave us four free shots! We didn't know they were for us and were joking about it. Then she lit them all on fire (they lit everything on fire in this place) and handed us all straws and told us to just do it. We were screaming and scared to burn our insides, but we just did it. It was so cool because at the end was a puff of gas and we were all laughing. It tasted exactly like a hot brownie. So cool. We gave her a big tip before we left. We were so glad to lay down when we got back.We got up pretty early the next morning to explore some more before we all had to leave. Beth and Hannah had to go to the airport around 4 to catch their flight to Italy. Me and Kateri's flight didn't leave til 11pm, so we had pretty much all day! :)
We got to see Notre Dame up close, which was incredible. I really loved it. (HUNCHBACK ALERT!!)I got to put a Love Lock, for me and Jordan, on the Pont des Arts bridge! It came with three keys. One for me, one for him and one to throw into the river. It was really cool. We did some shopping at little street vendors and we ate come French baguettes sandwichs. After Beth and Hannah left, me and Kateri decided to head back to the Eiffel Tower to see it from the lawn side. We got lost along the way because we got on the wrong train, haha. It was funny though and we got to do a lot of talking.The lawn side of the Effiel Tower was exactly how it looks in the movies and pictures. People were laying everywhere (& making out everywhere). We bought some crepes at a nearby stand and sat on the lawn eating them. They were soo good. Mine just had chocolate inside and Kateri's had chocolate and banana. Mmm...We stayed there for a while then walked around with no where to go. It was nice not having a plan. We saw a lot of beautiful things, and people, before we headed back to the hostel to pick up our bags and go to the airport. It was sad to leave Paris, but I hope to make it back someday. :)

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