Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lemongrass Mania

I can't believe it's my last week as an International student!! Wow, how quickly this whole experience flew by. I just finished my last final this morning, so it's party time...all the time. Hehehe, as usual I guess. JUST KIDDING, MUM!
On Sunday we layed out on the blanket all day because it was so hot and beautiful out. I think I even got a wee Scottish suntan! I got some studying done, but mostly just hung out and ate doritos with everyone. :) The boys also really love reading my Cosmo magazine. I think they're learning a lot.Around dinner time, we headed inside to get ready to go out to eat. We've been wanting to try this Thai food place close by called "Lemongrass." We decided to do 'fancy dress night' (not to be confused with the Scottish version of fancy dress...better known as 'Halloween.') The girls wore dresses and the guys wore ties (like they normally do anyways). The Thai place was really beautiful inside and the food was RIDICULOUS. I got an appetizer of chicken grilled in peanut sauce with a side of egg fried rice. Yea, ridiculous. It was soo good.Around 9:20pm we headed over to Cineworld to catch the 9:30 showing of 'Cop Out' (the new movie with Bruce Willis). I haven't laughed that hard in a cinema for a long time. It was really funny. I didn't expect that.
Thennn we all went back to Claude and Karen's flat and Claude cooked us some German strudel. It had fruit and custard in it....again, ridiculous. It was so good. Jealous that they eat that shiz all the time. Mmm...
I taught them how to play "I'm going to the moon and I'm taking...." At first they were really frustrated, but then they caught on. I made it harder and then Olof made one up. It was actually really good. It had to start with the last letter from the name of your country. So I could take an airplane to the moon since I'm from the USA :) I also taught them "Silly Willy" and that was just annoying to everyone. Kateri was the only one who couldn't get it, haha. She made me tell her and she wasn't happy about it. We also played one hand of Texas Hold Em' and since we don't have any money we were betting ridiculous things like a Highland Cow. ALSO, since we misunderstand each others accents often, the bets sounded like absurd things. For instance, Karen raised two dead beavers, which turned into two dead New Yorkers. And Beth's rainforest lizard turned into rain-forest scissors... ?
At the end of the game, the pot was up to 5 goats, 1 highland cow, 2 dead new yorkers, 2 units of man love, rain-forest scissors, sophie's machete (Beth's flatmate from Nigeria that butchers wild animals in the kitchen, hahah)....
Ziga ended up winning it all. So lucky.
It was a really fun night. I'm looking forward to this last week and actually starting my real summer break today!
I will back in the States soon. Can't wait to see and hug everyone again <3

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