Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Very Glaswegian 21st

On Saturday the 15th Brittany and I celebrated our 21st birthdays! We decided to make it a graffiti party (everyone wear white tee-shirts and write on each others shirts with sharpie's). Everyone really loved it and there was writing evvverywhere. It was awesome. While I was getting ready for the party...Tab skyped me. It was so good to talk to her. We even took a birthday shot over skype! Then I took another one with Brandon, Rudy and Marianne. It was too funny...and awesome. (Thank you for celebrating with me!)We started off in Brittany's flat in Arran 2. About 30 of our friends came! It was nuts. After a while of writing on shirts, spraying glitter in everyone's hair (even the boys) and dancing to music we played some flip cup. The North Americans had to teach everyone how to play, but it was pretty successful. They caught on quick. My team was unstoppable.We even got a few presents. Vodka from Beth, a stuffed animal and wine from the Germans and birthday crowns, wands & pictures drawn especially for us from Ziga, Olof & Claudius. It was all so nice of them to get us something.After security came and kicked us out at 11pm...we headed down Sauchiehall to find somewhere to go dancing. Some of our French friends stopped me and told me we could get in free to a place called 'Jumpin Jacks' because there is so many of us. (Don't ask me how the crazy French people get these sneaky deals all the time..haha) So we decided to go check it. We've never been in there before because we always thought it looked sketchy and like it's been closed for 10 years. Turns out, it's awesome and HUGE inside. It looks like an old country barn inside and the dance floor was enormous. There was so many people in there, too. It was totally weird.We checked out coats and Krista & I got a shot of Tequila, obviously. Then Alisa bought me a beer and we headed to the dance floor. There were so many of us there together, it was so much fun. Everywhere I looked there was someone I knew.The played awesome songs there INCLUDING some of my favorites (OMG- usher, Sex on Fire- KOL)!! I was so excited. We danced like crazy til 3am. My feet were killing me, but I was having so much fun. I was even on Chris' shoulders at one point during the night ?? But like Tab said, it wouldn't have been my birthday if I hadn't ended up in some type of cheer mount. Haha :) True story.The entire night was a blast and I had so much fun. I know everyone did which made it even more awesome!On Monday, my REAL birthday, I woke up early and cleaned my room. Mostly because I was bored and my room looked like a pig actually lived there. Nasty. Then I watched 'Just Friends' and laughed to myself the entire way through it. (Love that movie) I noticed Kateri wasn't online all morning, so I messaged her and told her that if something sneaky was going on for my birthday she's getting slapped. I clearly told them I don't want surprised because it gives me anxiety.
Anyways, I met up with Karen and Suzanne at 5pm and we headed down Buchanan Street for some ice cream (it was Norway's birthday that day too!) We met up with Kateri, Brittany & Krista there. They got me beautiful flowers for my birthday!! The ice cream was delicious. I had Ferre Roche flavour. Mmmm....too good. After that we headed back to Caley Court to drop the flowers off. We were supposed to meet outside at 7pm to go get pizza at Campus. So at 7, I made my way out to the courtyard...no one was out there. I buzzed up to Beth's flat, but there was no answer. I started to get nervous because I KNEW something was up. I buzzed up to Brittany's flat and Beth said "Come on upppp!" That's when I really knew something sneaky was happening. Why would Beth be up there?
So when I got up there, Brittany's bedroom door was open and no one was in there. That means EVERYONE was in the kitchen about to yell 'SURPRISSSE' in my face. I yelled "I'M NOT COMING IN THERE!" and they all started giggling. I waited a couple of minutes in Brittany's room and they started yelling 'HELLLP ME! PLEASE SOMEONE!' So I walked over to the kitchen door and Claire (Britt's French roommate) was looking out her door all confused like someone really needed help. I told her that they were just trying to get me to go in there and I tried to convince her to go in instead of me. Hahah, she slammed the door in my face instead. It was worth a shot. The kitchen door flew up and Alisa grabbed me and pulled me in. Brittany, Kateri, Alisa, Karen, Krista and Olof all sang 'happy birthday' to me and we ate cake. They got me cards and a coffee mug that says "You can take the girl out of Glasgow, but you can't take the Glasgow out of the girl.' I love it!! Even though I hated being surprised I loved everything they did for me.After our cake, Me, Kateri, Krista, Beth, Britt and Olof headed to Campus for MORE food. It was fun to hang out with them. We stayed there til about 9:30pm and then made our way over to 'Nice N Sleazy' bar for acoustic night. We met a bunch of our other friends there which was cool. I had my first 'legal' (as an American) alcoholic drink there! Beth bought me a White Russian. 21!!!!! I have never been there before and it was so awesome.Everyone did really good. A girl even sang 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'! Just for MY birthday I'm sure, heheh. It was an awesome 21st birthday, that I'll never forget!! I am excited now to come celebrate at home with YOU! Miss you!!

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  1. BEST BLOG POST EVER. Loved it!!! Happy birthday baby sister<3 One for the books.