Thursday, January 28, 2010

Awkward Social

Today was the first day since I've been here that I finally got to use a towel to dry off after showering. It was soo nice:)
Yesterday I did go to the Social Evening for International Students. I walked up to the University by myself around 5pm. I met Hannah&Beth (They're both from Kentucky! They don't really have accents) outside they're apartment at Caledonian Court. Then we went over together. I like them a lot, they are just like me. And it was so nice to be around some girls.
The Social Evening was pretty awkward at first. They're was random games like "Operation-Homer Simpson Version" and "Guess Who" laying around on different tables. They had free food! So I was instantly happy:)
I tried my first "IRN BRU". You can only find it in Scotland, says Gary (the coordinator of the International Student Events), and the Scots looooove it! So me, hannah, and beth poured ourselves a glass. Wow, was it weird. It tastes like someone melted down cotton candy into liquid form and poured an extra bucket of sugar into it. Yikes. I could barely finish my glass but I didn't want to insult anyone. haha.
I met a few different people, some from India, France, Sweden, Pakistan and Slovenia. They are all realllly nice and are going through just what I am, which made me feel good. Hannah asked some people about the "abc" club we were thinking about going to, and soon enough EVERYONE was going. I was excited to hang out with them other than in awkward "social evening" world. A boy from Slovenia said we'll meet outside Caledonian Court a little after 11pm. I was already tired and couldn't believe we were going that late. But these Scots are wild.
Me, hannah & beth went back to their place, got ready, listened to music, & ate some pasta. Finally it was time. We all had tights on (thats all the girls wear here. So don't forget to bring yours, Kayla), and me & hannah were wearing heels. Bad idea. We were told it was a 10 minute walk, it wasn't. Probably 30 minutes and freeeeeezing!
When we got there, since us girls were supposedly on "the list", we got in the VIP line and the rest of our group was so confused (we all have trouble understanding eachother, haha). Well, turns out when we got up there, we WEREN'T on "the list", but luckily the lady must have felt bad and just let us in. Thank goodness. We went up to the first floor, where we checked our coats, and I ordered my first drink EVER at the bar! I got a "vodka+mix". I just said "Can I have a vodka and....something?" So he gave me pepsi. It was actually pretty good.
We sat down and were talking to some locals. I just wanted to dance (there was barely anyone there, and our group didn't get in for the longest time), so I got up to go to the dance floor. Tripped over a bench...then slipped down the stairs. I grabbed onto a little wall where a Scottish boy was sitting and said "Ohhh myyyy, that's twice I fell in 2 minutes..." and he said "Ya I sawl ya za furzt time." Embarressed. I just walked to the dance floor then and felt really stupid. It wouldn't have been so bad if I was actually drunk, but I just looked like a drunk idiot. uuugh.
I also got two beers spilled on my throughout the night, which was nice.
We finally saw a boy from our group and he said everyone was upstairs (Who knew there was an upstairs? Downstairs was pretty crazy by now). So we followed him up there. I have never seen such a thing. The place was ENORMOUS and there must have been hundreds of kids. I'm not exaggerating either. Everyone was butt to butt so close, there were two bug bouncy castles, cool face painting in the corner FOR FREE!, a huge bar, fog machines, two big projector screens, really loud awesome music and soo many people! It was insane. Me and Hannah looked at eachother and both said "" It was incredible, and on a Wednesday night!?
They act very different here. At home everyone is grinding nasty on each other, and here no one even touches. Everyone is just perfectly fine dancing on there own and I love it. There were so many more guys there which was weird. Because at home, guys hate dancing and are embarrassed. But they love it here! It's really cool. Beth tried dancing on some boys and they were really confused and stressed about it. I couldn't stop laughing.
Me, Hannah, Beth and Ayro (from Pakistan) walked back to Cal Court around 2:30am. Freeeeeezing and our feet were hurting so bad! Beth traded me shoes (she wore flats) it felt sooo good. We stopped at McDonalds, even that tasted different. I was happy to have it though. The guy asked me why I would ever pick Glasgow out of allll the different cities in the world because he would give anything to leave. I said it's just because you live here. There is so much to do!
On the way back Ayro was telling me how his dad is the king of Pakistan and he will be Prince and I am the most beautiful American girl he has ever seen. haha. I kept being really rude because he was drunk and annoying, and when we woke up today he probably was really embarrassed. Oh well.
Today me and Adam went to Gary's office to pay for our Edinburgh tickets. We stopped to get a snack and saw hannah and beth on the computers. Me and Adam did the city rally, with about 6 other international girls. It was freezing and wet all day, so Gary said we don't actually HAVE to do it, he won't ever know. So we can just walk around or go home or get a cup of coffee. We walked for a little and I mostly talked to Alisa (from Toronto, Canada). I met her last night at the Social. I really like her. They wanted to come to ABC too, but they already had plans to go to a karaoke bar. She said it was fun. I want to do that before I leave!
We stopped after we found one thing on the list and everyone split ways. Adam went to Tescoe to grocery shop, and I went to ALDI. (thanks for the meal tips tab!)
Now I'm just back here. I am going to meet hannah & beth shortly at George Square to go explore and shop around in Merchant City. They haven't been there yet. It's really cool there. Here, Thursday nights are shopping nights and everyone is out walking around. I'll update later. Thanks for following<3
Miss younz!

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