Friday, January 29, 2010

Gothic Friday

Scottish Word of the Day: "Banter" meaning "Chat"

I got up at 8:30am today (the earliest so far. sad, i know). I emailed Jordan, showered and got ready. I saw it snowing here for the first time. Not heavy though. I could NOT believe how cold it was outside all day today. Wow. My hands and mouth would not work because they were numb.
Anyways, I walked to Primark (loooove that store) in Merchant City. I found too many things I loved and tried them all on. While in the dressing room I heard some weird accents (American. hehe) and it was Beth&Hannah (I was supposed to meet them somewhere but for some reason our phones don't send messages well)! We looked around some more in there and I bought 18 pounds worth of clothes. I got a lot for that much too. I am excited about them. The stores here are so much more hip and stylish than at home. I wish we had shops like here.
And I DID get denim leggings for the record:) yay! They look a little weird, but whatever. It's Scotland.
Then we went to H&M, which is awesome. I just bought a pair of gold hoop earrings with flowers in them. I love them. It was about 12:30pm and I was waiting around for them to finish and losing my mind. We had to make it up to the Uni to meet the group at 1:00pm! I definitely wanted to go on this walk even if it WAS freeeezing out and I had to walk as fast as I could up a huge hill (hate).
So I was practically jogging there. They went back to there room because they really didn't care to go, and outside of there building I saw Max (France) and he said he'd take me to the ARC building since I didn't know where it was. (The French boys are very nice)
A lot of people went on the "Gothic Walk", so I met some new friends and bonded better with some old ones. I met two more girls from Canada (Brittany & Kateri), I talked more with Krista (Latvia), I talked with some of the guys (Olof-Sweden, Ali-Pakistan, Claudius-Germany, Thomas-France), and I also met a new friend, Majida (I'm not sure how it's spelled) from Pakistan also. She is so funny and cute.
It was really fun to hang out with people after being cooped up in the apartment all the time.
Gary took us to the Gothic Cathedral (the last one standing in Glasgow), it was amazing. I have never seen anything like that. We also went into "Glasgow's Oldest House". They had things set up inside that used to be there, which was cool (well the fake woman in the chair wasn't cool, that was weird).
We got to go into the St Mungo Museum of Religous Life & Art too. That was really cool. They had so much stuff inside that I didn't get to see it all. I tried to read a lot of the signs, but there was soo many cool things. Like old sculptures, clothes people used to wear for rituals and weddings, and it even explained some traditions. It was awesome.
Lastly, Gary took us up to a huge Graveyard. I was so excited!
All of the stones were enormous and beautiful. He told us two TRUE ghost stories from Glasgow itself and let us walk around where ever we wanted. I don't think I brought any spirits back with me, but who knows.
I headed back Blackfriars (where I stay) afterward. Low and behold, I noticed my advisor FINALLY emailed me about meeting with him to schedule my classes. He was only going to be there til 18h30 (6:30pm) and he will be out of town all next week. So after thawing out my bones, I put all of my jackets back on and headed back up there again at 5:00.
On the way, I stopped to get a Latte at a cute little shop. It tasted nothing like our Latte's at home, but I drank most of it for the warmth.
My advisor is hilarious and loves America because his son lives there now. He and his wife ski in Colorado, but missed there trip last week because she is ill. He talks quite and laughs very loud, which makes me laugh too. He is so nice and said I'm really going to enjoy Edinburgh tomorrow. I can't wait.
Now I'm back at Blackfriars, again, waiting for my dad to skype me.
I hung up my pictures around my room and it looks a lot better in here. I still need tacks to hang up the letters everyone wrote to me<3. Tomorrow we are meeting at 8:30am to leave for Edinburgh. All of my friends are going so it should be fun!
I still am missing you.
I guess ill go try on my denim leggings...hehe.

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