Saturday, January 23, 2010

Last Night in the USA

Aaaaah! I am finally all packed. (& only freaking out a little bit.) I think I am mostly excited now, but still 30% nervous. Tomorrow morning, me kayla & mum are leaving here at 8am. We're stopping at the bank to practice my debit card skills, stopping at walmart for last minute things, then to Pittsburgh. I have to be there 3 hours early. uuugh. It's going to be a lonnng day.

My flight leaves out of Pittsburgh at 2:38pm for Atlanta. Then after about an hour of a layover, it's off to Amsterdam. Look out. (heheh, just kidding) Then to Glasgow, finally. I'll get there at 10:45am their time, & 5:00am US time. I'll be calling/texting home. So if you're on the list to be alerted when I arrive, beware, it'll be around 5am. :)

Missing you all already<3

See you in Glasgow.

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