Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mr. Cone Head

It's Wednesday here now and I am not feeling AS homesick. The flight over and the first two days were pretty awful and frustrating. Here's a little break down...
-I was supposed to fly out of Pittsburgh at 2:30pm Sunday. I actually boarded the plane at 3:15pm. The pilot drove us out to the runway and we sat there for 2 hours. He gave us updates on how the Atlanta airport is closed and no planes are allowed to leave or come in.
-Finally, he took us back to the airport and let us off to make new plans. After waiting in an angry line for an hour and a half, I was re-routed to Detroit-Amsterdam-Glasgow.
-I went to my next terminal, sat, ate cold chicken nuggets & fries that my mum bought for me early at 2, and waited some more.
-We boarded around 8 and the plane took off soon after.
-Coming into Detroit was beautiful because it was dark out and the city lights were amazing.
-Since we got there early, there was no one to guide the plane in close enough to the terminal for us to get out. So, again, I was sitting on the plane. (I could see the Vikings-Saints game on a big screen inside.)
-Detroit airport was awesome, and it was so easy to find my way around. I bought a cheeseburger and pepsi and waited to board.
-I have never seen a plane that big before. There were 8 seats across. (2-4-2) I sat in the middle four on an end with no one beside me. So I could sprawl out as much as I could. I was glad. I slept okay but kept waking up. Since they had the window blinds closed before we even got on the plane, I could never tell what time it was. I woke up once thinking it was about 3am, they guy beside me peeked out of his blind and sunshine shot in. I was so confused.
-I got to Amsterdam around 11:30am their time (it was really 4:30 PA time) The airport looked very futuristic and I had no clue where I was going. I followed my plane friends for 15 minutes, then stopped to ask a lady if my bag would be put on my next plane. She said yes, and I was happy I didn't have to go get it.
-I wondered around in everyone's way, went in a gift shop, almost through up over a bite of pizza, watched people (every guy had the European haircut.).
-I went down to my gate, checked my carry-on, and got a full body scan for the first time. All of the people working there acted very different. They were always joking around, I was scared they were going to get in trouble.
-They bused us out to the middle of a huge lot with a lot of planes around 3:20pm, and put us on a tiny plane. I sat next to a Glasgow police officer who I couldn't really understand.
-When the plane finally got beneath the clouds, all I saw was greeeeen! It was unbelievable and so flat. I could see forever.
-When they let us off, I had to explain why I was there and show all of my documents from both schools, my bank, and my plane ticket home.
-I waited for my bag for 20 minutes and saw the same bags going around and around. Then I accepted the fact mine was lost. (great)
-I filled out a weird paper and went to catch my first taxi ever. nervouss.
-Some guy through my bag in a van and off I went. The streets here are all in circles(?) and everyone drives verry fast.
-He got lost, but luckily my apartment was just one street up. I was happy to get there finally.
-My room is small and the lay off the flat is weird. There are heavy doors on everything that you can't prop open if you wanted to. But I do have my own bathroom:) (This is a picture BEFORE I got my luggage, thats why i don't have sheets on my bed. nasty)

-I went to an ALDI right across the street and was happy to be somewhere familiar. I bought some things like toilet paper and cheese curls.
-Since my bag was lost, I didn't have any outlet converters, so I couldn't plug my laptop in. I was completely bored out of my mind. So I mostly cried the rest of the night. But I did meet my flatmates.
-They are all girls. 2 are Scottish and 2 are Irish. They are really nice and super cute. They seem to be interested in me and like me. They can't believe I can't "go out" at home and are excited to take me out. I'm excited too.

Tuesday I called the baggage place twice and told them about it, they said it would be delivered before 5. Me and Adam (the boy from Lock Haven) walked to the University to get some things done. On the way I saw the statue of the guy on a horse with a street cone on his head. Apparently every time someone comes to take it down, its back up there again over night. haha!

We got our ID cards and we both ate a Ham & Toastie. hehe. It was pretty good.
We stopped at the Tescoe Express that everyone hear raves about, I guess it's the only convenient store that is open after 6pm. I just got bread.
I stopped at ALDI again because I wanted pb&j, and also a towel(I have been drying off with a shirt...not fun). Of course for that day only there machine wasn't taking any type of I had to leave it behind. Big surprise.
It was 5:30pm when I got back, and my bag was no where to be found. I called again and a man told me to call back in 15 minutes if I don't hear anything. Another guy called me a little later and said he'd be there in about 2 hours. I said "DID YOU SAY HOURS?!" uuuugh.
I took a nap and woke up to a phone call at 7:30pm, he was finally here! I was so happy to see my bag and nothing was broke:) Now that I have my computer I am not so bored, so I'm not as homesick either. Thankfully. I love skype-ing!
Today I need to exchange money into pounds at the bank, and I neeed to buy a towel before I scream. I am also going to take some more pictures:) miss younz!

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