Sunday, January 31, 2010

Edinburgh (Pronounced "Edinborough")

So I got up at 7am yesterday, got ready, put on as many warm clothes as I could find, and headed up to the Uni with Adam to meet everyone. We left for Edinburgh on a Greyhound bus at 9, & arrived at 10. After I had my first sheep sighting, I took a nap til we got to the big city. It felt good and I was refreshed.
It was PAINFULLY cold out and we walked for a long time. The buildings were old and looked like they had so much history to them. When we finally got to the castle, Gary gave us our tickets and then we all spread out on our own. I went around with Beth & Adam. (Hannah didn't go, she had a rough night. haha)
It was amazing inside and so huge. We looked at almost everything in 2 hours, but it was so cold I felt like I couldn't appreciate it as much. My favorite part was in the War Memorial (the only place I wasn't allowed to take pictures) there was a little room dedicated to all the fallen soldiers. It was so awesome. I won't forget that.
We met up with everyone at 1pm at a statue in front of a church. There, they have a heart made out of the stones in the side walk. You are supposed to spit on it for a lucky love life. The heart looked really nasty, of course. I added to it. :)
Then we walked a lonnng time (my hands hurt so much from the cold) to a huge mountain. Gary said it wasn't hard, "just a little walk." Yea right! I could barely breathe. Wow.
Some of the kids turned around and waited at the bottom, but I just kept going because "I already came this far". But it was soo worth it! I'm so glad I did.
The view was incredible! I probably will never see anything like it again. We took some pictures (I took a video, it's on facebook) then we headed back down. Me, Adam & the Girls stopped at a little Cafe and drank latte's and warmed up. I had a danish too and it was delicious! Mmm.
We walked back to the bus at 4, and met everyone there at 4:30. We left back to Glasgow at 5.
When we got back it was already dark. Me and Adam went back down to Blackfriars (uugh) and on the way I made my first liquor purchase. From ALDI! (hahaha) I got Coconut Rum.
I went back to my room and got ready, skyped with Kayla & Jordan, then went back up to Caley Court. Everyone was in Arran on the first floor (Beth&Hannahs flat). We played quarters for a little, then some of us decided to go out. Walkabout Bar is right by campus. We went there and danced the entiiire night away. My feet didn't hurt this time because I wore my cowboy boots:) I also wore my denim leggings for the first time, it turned out pretty successful. One Scottish guy asked me something that sounded like "Are you dancing?" (Which I clearly was) and I said yes. So he put his hand out and took me over to the middle of the dance floor. We just danced beside each other (that's what they do here, thank god) and it was pretty fun/weird. We were dancing to a Grease Soundtrack Remix...?
It was a fun night and I really liked the girls I went out with. They are so cute. Krista always wanted me to take shots with her, yikes. It tooks us forever to try to get the right money out. So we would just hold the pence in our hands and laugh because we felt so stupid. (The guy holding up the peace sign below said something to me right after this. I told him I couldn't understand him and that I was American. [They know that means to slow down talking] Then he said 3 times really slow "Cun ya undastend may when ah jange muh agzent?" Everytime I would say "YES, I CAN!" And he would ask me again. hahaha, it was so weird..)
I am feeling a little homesick today, probably because I am so bored and it's a Sunday. I can not wait for a visit! :)
I miss you.

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