Friday, February 12, 2010

Ceilidh & O'Couture

Yesterday was sooo much fun! I had one lecture for an hour, then I went and waited at the Refectory for the Ceilidh (Pronounced "Key-Lee") event. It was set up so nice with different countries flags hanging around, and a lot of Scottish flags evvverywhere (there always is, anywhere you look). I got a table with some girls and we drank come juice and then had some wine (wasn't as good as yours, dad). A lot of the kids dressed up like their countries. (All of the Denmark students wore Viking hats with the horns on it). It was really neat to see what people came up with. The dancing started and the one guy in the band would announce what kind of dance it was (couples or sets) and then people would go up to the dance floor. I didn't dance to the first one. I asked the whole Denmark table behind me to dance and all of them ignored me. How embarrassing. The next dance was "sets" and Ali (the annoying Pakistan whose jokes aren't funny) asked me to dance so I said yes! I was glad to at least go out there. It was groups of 4 ( 4 boys, 4 girls) and it was so fun. My group was pretty terrible and we couldn't seem to get it right. But by the end, we did pretty good. (In the picture I am the one in the gray long sleeve being twirled around.) After that, I danced to evvvery song :) The music was awesome. One guy played an accordion and the other had what looked like an electric violin, or fiddle? There were only two of them and they did awesome. We learned about 10 different dances. For a couple of them, it was all about switching partners. It was pretty much like speed dating, haha. One guy who was super tall (and he looked about 35) was my partner at one point. For this dance you had to "polka around" for eight counts and he just picked me off the ground and swung me in circles. I was laughing so hard because the whole thing was just outrageous. With the music, and the switching partners, and the band kept playing faster and faster. And that guy thought it was so normal and then just pushed me to the next guy. Ohh boy.
I danced a waltz type dance with Ziga, a dance that looked like the one they do in "A Knights Tale" with Gary, and I danced about 7 other ones with Ali. I really had a blast! I never went to something like that where you just learn dances and do them. It was so cool. I took a couple videos.
Around 8pm we got a meal. I had garlic bread and pasta. It was really good, but I could have eaten 6 more plates of it. Plus, everyone's breath smelled especially good after that. I thought it was over, but there was more dancing afterward. Luckily, I found some gum in my bag. For the verry last dance, everyone stood in a huge circle and held hands. They played a well-known Scottish song (I didn't know it, but everyone was singing it) and a boy who goes to school at Caledonian played the bagpipes in the middle. Then it turned into running to the middle and running back out while people get there arms ripped off, haha. It was funny. I was standing next to Chris, and I know he was trying hard to keep me alive. I can't wait to show you some of the dances. Hopefully, I can remember some!
After it was over, we headed up to Caley Court to get ready for Hannah's birthday outting. I decided to wear the flower headband I bought. I was a little nervous about it, but it turned out pretty good. The guys & Beth set up the kitchen of the flat with balloons, a cake and streamers. It was really cute. They even bought her a Celtics jersey! It was awesome and she really loved it.
When everyone was ready, we headed to a bar called "O'Couture" down on Sauchiehall Street (Pronounced "Sookie-hall"). I was expecting it to be a club, but it was just a bar. There wasn't many people there, but then again it was ONLY 10pm. So no one was out yet. I got a Foster's beer and talked to everyone. Me, Brittany, Hannah, Krista & Kateri all took a shot of Tequila for Hannah's birthday. They were out of limes, so that was pretty nasty. After a while, some how the used-to-be bar turned into an International dance club. It was so much fun! They started playing good music and all of us were dancing. The other locals who were there mostly just stared at us. I only fell over a little stool twice, and it was pretty graceful. (Why?!?) We left around 2:30am and my feet were killing me. I ate an entire bag of popcorn when I got back, drank soda, watched some of My Best Friend's Wedding, & then fell asleep without brushing my teeth. Big mistake. I feel good today and the sky is blue AGAIN! It looks beautiful out even though it is still cold. I am so excited about tomorrow (watching the Celtics play at Maggie May's bar and then flat party here at Blackfriars with my roommates). I am more excited about watching the game. Then on Sunday, for Valentine's Day, is movie and dinner with the girls! I can't waiiit for that.
I miss you and wish you were here every day.

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