Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My First Pint.

It's my second day of classes and I'm already ready for them to be done. (Big surprise there.) They run the courses verry different here though, and I don't like it. Every class has AT LEAST one lecture, one lab, and one tutorial...all at different times. Each is one hour only and the professors don't show up til 15 minutes in usually. For my Integrated Project class I have one lecture, two labs, and THREE tutorials. Uuuugh. Super annoying. My Statistics class is alright I guess, better than IP at least. I still need one more class. My advisors assistant is supposed to be doing that for me and emailing me, but again I haven't heard from her since yesterday afternoon. Oh well.
I am done today now and I am glad to be back in my warm room. I am really homesick today again and the weird classes, moving situation, and lack of food is really taking a toll on me.
Last night I did go to the WalkAbout with all the International Students. It was pretty fun. I had a huge migraine all day, but I didn't feel like being alone, so I went. Krista said she wanted to try Guiness but was scared to. I told her to just do it and get it over with, so she bought one. I was going to order a pepsi...but I just ordered a Giuness too with her. Haha. We both never had it before, just a sip. Yikes. It was so think and strong. Olof (Sweden) and Alex (France) both got one too. We all struggled to not throw up and make a scene. The futbol game was on in the bar on a huuuuge screen hanging from the ceiling. Everyone was going nuts! It was a cool experience. Me & Krista both want to just go sit in a pub on the day a futbal game is on and watch and see what happens. That will be cool.
We ended up both actually finishing our drinks after a while and I was so proud. I made sure to get this picture with our empty glasses:) Heheh.
After that, I walked back up to Caley Court, got my bag from Hannah&Beths room, then headed back down to Blackfriars. I was soo tired and couldn't wait to talk to Jordan on Skype. We talked for about a half hour...then I woke up an hour later and he was gone. I felt so bad for falling asleep on him and that I barely got to talk to him. :(
Good News! Kayla booked her ticket to come over and spend a week & a half with me!! I can barely wait, seriously. I already told everyone that she is coming and when. Haha. And I told everyone about Greyson, duh. (Karen's (Norway) friend just had a baby RIGHT after she left, so it will be 4 months when she sees it. I'm happy Grey will only be one, hopefully, when I see him!) But I am counting down the days for Kayla to get here! :)
Tonight we might go out dancing again. That will be fun, but it is soo cold here today and it's snowing. I heard that people were going to ABC again, but I wouldn't mind trying a different nightclub. Whatever, as long as I'm around some friends.
I miss you!

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