Saturday, February 6, 2010

Haggis, No Thank You.

Scottish Word of the Day: "Daft" meaning Stupid or Silly.

Well yesterday was a good day. (02/05/10) I woke up and I wasn't homesick because I had already made plans with Alisa the night before to go shopping. :) I got up and skyped with my dad about 4 times throughout the morning, showered, and got ready. Alisa said her flatmate, Billy (Scotland, with the longer blonde hair), and his friends (also from Scotland) wanted to go eat at a place called Campus where you get a free pizza when you order any drink. It was for real! I got a coke and a Hawaiian pizza. It even tasted better than the Pizza Hut the day before. I loved it. Chris (one of Billy's friends, in the picture too by me) ordered pizza with haggis on it. (By the way, it's sheeps stomach...) So I tried some because I needed to before I left. It was...interesting. At first it tasted familiar, then a very unfamiliar taste happened, and I didn't feel good about it. Haha. It was terrrrible though. There were these cards that were laying on the table. It was for an ID card that will get you in free to some clubs and get you discounts for some restaurants and shops. So me and Alisa filled them out, went upstairs, got our pictures taken, got a new ID card, and a whole bag of free stuff from the clubs in the area (a pillowcase, cute underwear with the clubs logo on them, flip flops with a bottle opener on the bottom, and a hoody! The hoody is awesome, I love it and it fits so nice. I was expecting an XXL.)
Then me and Alisa went shopping...we only made it to Primark and spent 2 hours in there. Haha. I love that store. I got a cute little leather purse and a leather wallet. It was supposed to be 6 pounds, and for some reason it was only 3 pounds! I was so excited.
After that, I headed home to get ready because they invited me out for some girls birthday. They were planning on going to Hummingbird, a bar, then to Kushion, a club, to dance. When I got home I checked my email and I had an email from Blackfriars saying they found someone who wants to move into my room asap! I about hit the ceiling! I was so excited and emailed back right away saying I'll find out when I can move out, hopefully this weekend. Caledonian Court hasn't emailed me back yet to tell me when I can come up. But I am so excited!
I skyped with dad some more and then with Jordan. I got ready then and met Alisa at ABC around 11:30pm. (I guess they couldn't get into Kushion? So they went to ABC instead)
It wasn't as awesome as it is on Wednesdays and they played really weird music. All the Scottish people loooved all the songs though and knew all the words. I drank a Vodka Apple (it tasted just like a Jolly Rancher, but I could really feel it laying in my stomach. Ew.) We danced a lot and my feet were killing me. She started talking to a Scottish guy (the one in the picture with us, so obvious he's Scottish, haha) so I got stuck with his weirdo friends. One of them was 28 (and kind of looked like Jason from the Bachelor) and he was the only coherent one. He kept trying to make conversation with me because it was pretty awkward. I couldn't understand one word he was saying. I got soo frustrated with him and just kept yelling "I CAN'T UNDERSTAND YOUR ACCENT!" But he would just keep trying to talk to me. So I had to start ignoring him and just smiling. I was pretty annoyed.
When it closed, I walked home in the rain and my high heels. I couldn't wait to take them off and just lay down. I was so tired. I got to talk to Jordan for a second, but it was so nice.
Today I want to try to go and get stamps, but it is already 4:30, and everything here closes at 6. Oh well, I might as well try I guess. It is really cloudy here and looks like rain again. I guess it's better than a foot of snow, haha. Sorry PA.
Tonight is an International Students birthday (Ziga), so people are celebrating. I don't know if I'm going to yet, we'll see.
I miss you every day.

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