Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh, this is how the Superbowl works here...?

Yesterday was the East Lothians trip to the Eastern Coast of Scotland (past Edinburgh). We met up at the Uni at 8:30am and it took us an hour and a hlaf to get to the town of Dunbar. There, we saw another castle. Well, the remains of one. It was pretty interesting and I couldn't believe people actually lived in that town. Haha. I guess compared to huge Glasgow, it seemed like nothing. We looked at the castle, the harbor and we walked down by the water even. (I made a video of me putting my hand in the water. I was in such pain after that. I'm pretty sure I got frostbite, but it was worth it.) Alex, from France, said that body of water was the Northern Sea (?) Very cool. I also snatched up some rocks and shells from there. They are pretty neat.
Then we went to a little Garden Cafe and warmed up. I had a latte and a chocolate chip cookie (sugar rush on the cookie). The latte burnt all of my taste buds off, so that was nice. But it was good once it cooled down an hour later.
We got back on the bus and headed for the Tantallon Castle. This is by far the coolest thing I have seen yet. We got to walk around inside for almost two hours and take sooo many pictures. The castle was enormous and you could tell it had a lot of history to it. Me and the girls explored everywhere (even where you're not supposed to. Hehe) The view from the top was amazing. All you could see was green one way, and water the other way. I was in love.
Next, we headed to a town called North Breswick, for lunch. Me, Karen, Alisa, Brittany, Sophie, Kateri, Krista & Emmy at a little bar/cafe. When we walked in there was a bunch of guys hanging out at the bar staring at us and saying "Ar ya laust?" We felt pretty stupid and not welcome, but we sat down anyways. Most of us got fish & chips (I did too). It was gooood! We hung out there for a while til we had to be back on the bus at 3:30pm. A rugby game was on the TV there (Scotland vs. France) and all the guys were huddled around the TV yelling and cheering. It was cool. I watched some of it, and it looked like a really fun sport to watch.
On our way home, we stopped at one more place. There was a castle there, but you had to pay to get inside. So we just got out, looked around, and took some pictures. I was too cold and tired to just hang around outside anymore. So me and some of the girls got on the bus early and waited.
On the back to Glasgow, I slept mostly and it felt good. We planned to go to a bar/restaurant called "Campus" for the Superbowl game because they had signs up saying "The Biggest Event in America, Watch it Here!" Plus, we heard they had free pizza at halftime. So I walked back to Blackfriars, skyped a bit, ate ravioli's, and uploaded my pictures. Around 10:45pm I headed up to "Campus" for the game. (It started at 11pm here! Sleeeepy.) All I heard was LOUD music and people screaming so I was confused. I was expecting it to just be people sitting around watching the game...? I walked in and it was totally a dance club with people in tiny dresses and high heels everywhere. They had the game on all of the 50 Tv's in there, and they had a huge screen set up too. But they were all on mute, so you could only watch. There were no commercials played over here, and I was really bummed about it. And some Scottish guys were hosting the game? It was really weird. Mostly everyone there was cheering for the Colts. I was for the Saints. (I still don't know who won. Haha.) Thankfully, Brittany and Kateri showed up in jeans and boots too so I didn't feel so stupid. We got drinks and watched the game. At halftime, we wondered about our free pizza and asked a guy who worked there. He said our best bet is to go ask the kitchen, so we did. The cook acted like we were nuts and said no. Embarressing. But then when we were about to leave he handed us one for free. It was so cool. We took it upstairs and devoured it. :) It had peppers and onions on it. Delicious.
Then we headed out.
I was soo tired when I got home from the long day. So I slept good last night.
Today I have one class (an IP1 Lab) at 2:00pm, and that's it. So I'm hoping to move today if it's possible. I just need the "okay" from Caley Court. I can't wait!
The sun is shining a little bit today, but I think it will be gone soon.
I miss you!

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  1. Boo for missing the commercials- but you can watch them all on Hulu today! It's called ADZONE 2010 :)
    Miss and love youuuuuuu