Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Life As A Bollywood Film

Well, I'm all moved in at Caley Court. I love it! I am so close to Uni and all of my friends. It's great. I am in a flat with my friend, Kateri even (from Canada) which is awesome. My room is pretty nice and I have a sink in it so I don't have to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. :)I have 4 other roommates as well. They are all boys. One is from India and the other three are from Pakistan. They love to blast loud music, cook dinner in a huge pot with all of their friends every night and also they like to whistle. It's a pretty interesting life I live these days. But they mostly keep to themselves and there are barely any dishes left dirty in the sink which is such a nice change!Friday night, me and some of the girls went to a bar called "Box" where they have live music every night of the week and its free to get in. We went Friday because there was a Beatles tribute band supposedly playing. We left around 8pm to walk down there. About 5 bands played and we were getting soo tired and uncomfortable. Box is a small place and the speakers are so loud you can't really talk to anyone. It was 1:00am and "Them Beatles" still weren't on. They had people setting up for them for 45 minutes. A bunch of our friends left, but we said it would be so terrible to have waited all this time and NOT see them. So we stayed. They finally started playing about 1:30am and they were AWESOME! I never really got into the Beatles, so I was really surprised I knew every song. It was great. I put a video of them on Facebook if you want to hear a little bit of the tribute band.We only stayed for a couple songs because we were pretty much falling asleep and the Borders trip was the next morning at 8:30am. So we headed back to Caley Court around 2am. I got a cheeseburger and dries at McDonalds on the way back. I was starving. The fries were pretty good, but the burger was nasty. Nothing here tastes like home.I got to talk to Jordan a tiny bit when I got back, then I fell right asleep. Next thing I knew, my alarm was going off. I got up, decided I didn't need a shower (hehe), and got ready for the trip. It was freeeezing outside. I slept pretty much the whole 2 hours there. We got dropped off in a town called Galashiels. Me and the girls went off by ourselves and found a cafe. I got a latte and we talked for a while. We spent 2 hours there just walking around and looking at things. It was a cute town, but pretty boring. We got back on the bus and headed to Peebles (another small town) for lunch. Just as we arrived I got so sick. I basically ran off of the bus and took some deep breaths and was trying so hard not to throw up in front of EVERYONE! I started walking with everyone and the fresh air wasn't helping, so I knew it wasn't good. I went off with Krista and Karen and we looked for somewhere to eat. We found a Pizzeria and went inside. I drank some water and ordered a Calzone (with muchrooms!) It made me feel A LOT better and I was soo glad. I even liked the mushrooms in it. Weird.Everyone else went to the Castle besides us, so since we had so much time left..we decided to go look for it. We walked along a little river and just talked mostly. It was really cold out so we turned around before we ever saw the Castle. We met back at the bus at 4:30. Luckily, we passed the Castle on the way home. It looked awesome. I was happy to at least see it. The sights on the way back were insane. It was all country and looked EXACTLY like Scotland does in the movies. So green and beautiful. I took pictures and even some video. I wished we could have stopped on the side of the road to just stare at the open fields and all the sheep. Haha. It was amazing. It made me want to live here.When we got back, I took a shower finally and got dressed. Krista's flatmates were having a party that night and she invited us to come. It ended up being called off, so we just watched "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" here in my room. I love that movie. It was so funny, but of course I fell asleep. This morning Krista messaged me and said "Was it ok we left you like that last night?" Haha, I guess they felt bad for just leaving while I was sleeping. Alisa told me Krista and Karen were really nervous about it. They are too funny. :)
Great News!.....JORDAN BOOKED HIS TICKET TO COME OVER! I can't believe it! He'll get here March 7th (exactly one week from today!) and leave the 14th. It's going to be great. I am so happy he's going to get to see the things I am and meet my friends. It would be weird for me to come home and talk about them, and he would't know them. So I am so glad. He's going to looove it here. I know it.
Today I am working on homework and just hanging out here in my room. I am still sick and I hate it. I miss you so much.

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